St. Charles County Ambulance District Improves Response Times with New Stations

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Liberty Ambulance knowingly submitted false claims in order to maximize reimbursement between June 2015 and January 2016.
Houston Fire Department would raise transport fees by 70% so residents don't abuse the system as a transportation service.
The Eurocopter 135 crashed on a median on Interstate 57, reports the Chicago Fire Department.
Century Ambulance will serve patients and healthcare customers from a new station in Ft. Lauderdale.
A West End Community Ambulance crashed during a storm and rolled down an embankment.
The 2018-19 state budget bill would allocate an addition $4 million to support reimbursements to agencies.
An investigation is underway since Christopher M. Wilkins, 45, was found unresponsive after an accident involving a private ambulance.
The new logo, which was unveiled on one of 15 new ambulances to be released this year, represents the continued growth of the company.
Larry Blanding, 28, has been charged with felony grand larceny after stealing an Albany Fire Department rescue truck while paramedics were treating a patient.
A Consumer Reports investigation in 2017 revealed 68% of air ambulance crashes were connected to four of the largest air medical companies.
Augusta dispatchers receive so many unnecessary calls that Gold Cross EMS writes off $1 million per year for non-reimbursable calls.
The Virgin Island territory was forced to cancel 30 out of 40 EMT interviews when last year's hurricanes hit, leaving the island with only 44 EMTs.
The ACETECH iN∫COMMAND solution is a touch screen control center designed to give providers full control of the ambulance by managing and monitoring auxiliary controls.
In response to an increase in medical calls, the department purchased the lifting aid to the benefit of providers and patients.
A new type of Medicare review comes with serious escalating consequences.