Ala. Firefighter-Paramedic Shares How Community Paramedicine Changed Him

Students can earn their certification through Columbia Southern University's 10-week course.
Rushville Fire Department is offering the service free of charge to patients.
The program has 25 paramedics and will begin in January 2019.
Albuquerque Fire and Rescue's Home Engagement and Alternative Response Team aims to reduce the burden of excessive 9-1-1 calls.
A new player in New Orleans aims to ease the burdens of 9-1-1 and EDs.
Several opioid crisis response teams are making a difference for people wanting to break their addictions.
Community Howard Regional Health paramedics will regularly visit patients who are discharged from the hospital with chronic heart or pulmonary diseases.
A long search in Colorado Springs finally produced a solution that joins all partners.
The crew is available 24/7 and responds to calls from medical providers, schools, the Safe Station program and individuals seeking help.
A Montana film crew is following the Santa Fe Fire Department's mobile health care team to document the benefits of community paramedicine.
Texas program lowered readmissions and cut nonemergent 9-1-1 calls using community paramedics.
The Birmingham Fire and Rescue C.A.R.E.S. program changed how Ben Thompson approached patient care, especially with frequent flyers.
The landscape of EMS is changing to an integrative and preventive model. The Virginia OEMS wants to help lead it there.
Ready Responders will consist of two paramedics responding to non-urgent 9-1-1 calls to ease the burden on emergency departments.
The deputy chief of operations at New Orleans EMS tailored his talk to local providers.