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Scott DeBoer’s latest pediatric video tutorial discusses pediatric defibrillation—a rare event but one that can save a child's life.
While it’s rare for croup to develop into a serious condition requiring hospitalization, it does happen.
What if your family just "doesn't get it?"
Lack of deep, restful sleep on a consistent schedule can result in anxiety, depression and potential psychotic breaks.
When is it OK to break the wall and have that difficult conversation?
Scott DeBoer of Pediatric Emergency Medical Solutions “geeks out” with a new toy you are likely to see more of in the future.
The EMS medical director/pediatric emergency physician challenges whether they truly reflect the best evidence.
The EMS medical director for Florida's Department of Health presents the latest facts—and fallacies—of the major COVID vaccines coming out on the market.
Ketamine has emerged as a treatment option for PTSD. Does it work, or is it just a quick fix that sidesteps the true problem?
Fact: Kids bite into electrical cords. Happily, most will do just fine.
EMS will likely play a large role in administering the COVID-19 vaccine to the public.
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