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Arresting Developments: High-Performance CPR for Kids: Peter Antevy, MD & Charlie Coyle, EMT-P

While we often hear about high-performance CPR in adults, we almost never hear about it for the pediatric population. Indeed, most EMS providers can tell a story of arriving on the scene of an unresponsive child and rushing them into the ambulance to transport immediately. This should not be the standard. You can improve outcomes for your pediatric cardiac arrest patients by implementing TCPR, planning dosing and device sizes en route, and by treating the patients on scene with high-performance CPR.

Peter Antevy, MD
Associate Medical Director, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Peter Antevy, MD, is an EMS Medical Director for Coral Springs Fire Department, Davie Fire Rescue, and SW Ranches in Florida. He is the Associate EMS Medical Director for Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and Seminole Tribe Fire Rescue. Antevy serves as Medical Director at Coral Springs Fire Academy and Broward College’s EMS program and is a pediatric emergency medicine physician at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. He is Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc. You can reach him at

Charlie Coyle, EMT-P
Paramedic Training Captain, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Capt. Charlie Coyle is a member of the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Department and has played a pivotal role in training his EMS colleagues. He works closely with Dr. Antevy to create hands-on modules specific to pediatric high-performance CPR. The team at PBCFR has done massive reconstruction from dispatch to the street level on improving the outcomes for cardiac arrest.

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