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Online Patient Simulations: A New Era of EMS Training in the COVID-19 Pandemic - Meg Carman


The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we deliver medical education. Students still need realistic patient simulations, but providing these online is challenging. Join Dr. Carman as she explains how to engage students in time-sensitive, moderate-to-high risk decision-making in the prehospital, emergency, or critical care environment. Demonstration of iSimulate© software will be used to create a distance learning platform for interaction with standardized patient participation and responsive hemodynamic monitoring to mimic the online classroom environment.

Margaret J. Carman, DNP, ACNP-BC, ENP-BC, FAEN
Clinical Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Director of Emergency Nursing Advanced Practice, Emergency Nurses Association
Dr. Carman serves on faculty in the Adult-Gerontology Program at the University of North Carolina School of Nursing in Chapel Hill, in addition to her clinical practice at the UNC Department of Emergency Medicine and activities as Director of Emergency Nursing Advanced Practice at the Emergency Nurses Association. Dr. Carman’s interest in online curriculum development for acute care led to her research on development of effective distance-based simulations for acute care nurse practitioner students and was published in Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing in 2017.

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