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Cerebral Oximetry: A New Measure for CPR Effectiveness - K. Lurie, J. Holley


Numerous advances have sprung up in the field of resuscitation. One of the promising new tools is cerebral oximetry, or rSO2, which measures perfusion to the brain. Cerebral oximetry is a valuable guide for clinicians to make informed decisions about optimizing the bundle of care for patients in cardiac arrest. Join Drs. Lurie and Holley as they explore the technology that can help us “save the brain” and save lives.

Keith Lurie, MD
Professor of Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, University of Minnesota
Dr. Keith Lurie is a practicing cardiac electrophysiologist and resuscitation scientist who has developed novel ways to resuscitate patients experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Some of his most notable contributions include the development and assessment of various resuscitative techniques such as the impedance threshold device (ITD), active compression-decompression (ACD) CPR, use of active intra-thoracic pressure regulation to modulate cerebral and systemic circulation in states of severe hypotension and head injury, the development of devices to elevate the head and thorax during CPR and the development of a coronary sinus catheter and left ventricular pacing system for heart failure.

Joe Holley, MD, FACEP, FAEMS
Medical Director, Memphis and Shelby County Fire Departments, State of TN EMS Medical Director
Dr. Joe Holley is board-certified in emergency medicine and Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Holley has been providing EMS medical direction for approximately thirty years, and he also is the medical director of Tennessee Task Force One FEMA Urban Search and Rescue. Dr. Holley is also a member of the board of directors of CAPCE.

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