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The COVID-19 Infodemic: Cures, Controversy and Confusion - Blair Bigham, MD


Experimental treatments for COVID-19 are generating controversy and confusion. Whether from scientists, pharmaceutical companies, politicians or international organizations, it’s hard to keep up with the “infodemic” of pandemic cures. Yet the consequences of quack and unproven therapies has been real: people have died by following advice they hear from non-experts. Join Dr. Bigham, an emergency room doctor and paramedic, as he analyzes the latest science of what really works for COVID, and how EMS can respond to people who overdose on supposed cures.

Blair Bigham, MD, ACPf, MSc, DTMH
Physician, McMaster University
Dr. Bigham is an award-winning journalist, scientist and resident emergency physician based in Toronto. He was a Global Journalism Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Associate Scientist at St Michael’s Hospital. He has worked in health care settings on five continents and has responded to emergencies in urban, rural, and remote settings on helicopters, boats, and vehicles that could generously be described as pick-up trucks. Dr. Bigham is also a member of the EMS World Advisory Board.

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