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Surviving COVID-19 and Beyond: Recruitment and Retention in EMS - R. Lawrence, G. Lawton


2020 has thrown everything it possibly can at EMS, from COVID-19 and Civil Disorder to Wildfires and Hurricanes. EMS providers have perished in the line of duty and the workforce is exhausted. Managers and supervisors must lead as they never have before to ensure their providers are supported, energized and healthy so that they stick around. COVID-19 and the lockdown have also led to a reduction in recruiting and to new challenges of onboarding, orientation and training. Join Rob Lawrence and Greg Lawton as they identify the weaknesses, threats, opportunities and suggested direction for ensuring strong recruiting and retention in the new EMS World order.

Greg Lawton, EVP
Enterprise Development at OnShift
Prior to joining OnShift, Greg Lawton brought thirty years of EMS and medical transportation management experience to Avesta. He founded Avesta in 2007 to deliver human resources solutions across the entire EMS employee lifecycle. These solutions are backed by behavioral science insight, technology and a thorough understanding of needs of the ambulance industry. Prior to founding Avesta, Greg served on leadership teams for American Medical Response, Mercy Medical Services, MedTrans of San Diego, Physicians & Surgeons Ambulance and other EMS organizations. At American Medical Response, he led a multi-state EMS business development team that achieved $19.3 million in new opportunity growth in 2005. Three decades of ambulance industry experience shaped the simple notion that the best EMS organizations are led and staffed by the best people. Avesta was founded to initiate new thinking regarding recruitment, vetting and hiring talent for the EMS Industry. As well, offer new strategies and innovative ideas that are supported by valid research, knowledge and the understanding that each client is unique.

Rob Lawrence, MCMI
Chief Executive Officer, Rob Lawrence Consulting
Rob has part-time roles as Director of Strategic Implementation for Pro EMS of Cambridge, Mass. and the Executive Director of the California Ambulance Association. Rob is also the Principal of Robert Lawrence Consulting. Rob served as the California COO with Paramedics Plus after nine years as the COO of the Richmond Ambulance Authority. Prior to that, he was the COO for Suffolk as part of the East of England Ambulance Service. He is a graduate of the UK’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, serving for 23 years as a Medical Support Officer. Rob is the Communications Committee Chair of the American Ambulance Association. Rob is an accomplished writer, broadcaster and international speaker and is a member of the EMS World Advisory Board.

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