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Building an EMS Leadership Development Program


We know that leaders are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for an EMS organization’s success. But EMS is known for promoting people from the truck straight to a position of authority. We joke about just handing candidates the clipboard and keys and calling them supervisors. In this webinar, Chris Cebollero will outline the steps to creating a functional  leadership development program that will be integral to the leader’s and the organization’s long-term success.

Chris Cebollero
Chris Cebollero is an EMS leader, internationally recognized leadership specialist, Multi-#1 Best Selling Author, Coach and Motivational Lecturer. His dynamic and energetic speaking style has entertained, motivated and educated individuals, groups and teams for over 30 years. Chris is currently the President/CEO of his own consulting firm specializing in EMS's transition to Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine, Leadership Development, and Organizational Process Improvement. Chris has spent 30 years in EMS & Healthcare and continues to be an advocate for delivering the best care possible.

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