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Challenges With EMS Scheduling: Keeping the Trucks Rolling


If resource management is the foundation of managing your EMS department, then scheduling your employees has to be the cornerstone to that foundation. Even though this should be an easy process, there are always challenges, speed bumps, and hurdles. In this webinar, EMS leaders Chris Cebollero, Rob Lawrence, and Brian Hupp share their expertise on scheduling best practices for your workforce.

EMS Leaders
Rob Lawrence 
Rob Lawrence has led EMS in senior leadership roles in both the UK and the US. Rob is the part-time Director of Strategic Implementation for Pro EMS of Cambridge Mass and also the Principal of Robert Lawrence Consulting. He served as the California COO with Paramedics Plus after 9 years as the COO of the Richmond Ambulance Authority. Prior to that, he was the COO for Suffolk as part of the East of England Ambulance Service. He is a graduate of the UK’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, serving for 23 years as a Medical Support Officer. Rob is the Communications Committee Chair of the American Ambulance Association. Rob is an accomplished writer and broadcaster and international speaker on prehospital subjects and a member of the EMS World Advisory Board.

Chris Cebollero
Chris Cebollero is an EMS leader, internationally recognized leadership specialist, and multi-#1 best-selling author, coach, and motivational lecturer. His dynamic and energetic speaking style has entertained, motivated, and educated individuals, groups, and teams for more than 30 years. Chris is currently the President/CEO of his own consulting firm specializing in EMS’s transition to mobile integrated healthcare/community paramedicine, leadership development, and organizational process improvement. Chris has spent 30 years in EMS and healthcare and continues to be an advocate for delivering the best care possible.

Brian Hupp
Brian Hupp is the Director of EMS at the Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia, Tennessee. Brian worked as an independent duty (off-shore) medic for Acadian Ambulance Service and was assistant fire chief with the Mechanicsburg Fire Dept., Ohio, an agency that delivered both fire and EMS services. Thereafter, Brian moved on to the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA), where he reached the rank of EMS Captain and specialized in incident management team training. Brian then joined Fitch & Associates as a senior consultant before taking his current role in Columbia. Brian is a graduate of the ASM Management program and is pursuing a degree in business.

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