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High-Performance CPR (An Insider's Story)

Join Mike Helbock, MICP, NR-P, and current faculty member of the Seattle/King County Resuscitation Academy for an insider’s look into the operation of HP-CPR. As one of the original designers and architects of the HP-CPR training and education program, Mike will share his story of the origin and application of this life-saving program.

Evidence indicates that high-quality CPR compressions combined with minimal interruptions has a significant impact on patient outcomes. HP-CPR consists of ‘mastery-level’ high-quality chest compressions, measured performance metrics (rate, recoil, and depth), controlled ventilations, and high compression fractions. Equally important is the integration of close coordination and communication within the high-performance CPR team.

Learn from Mike as he shares his HP-CPR experience and gain insight into how you can create, educate, and train high-performance CPR teams in the resuscitation of cardiac arrest victims through the use of performance measurement feedback.

Mike Helbock, MICP, NR-P
Mike Helbock was trained and certified through the University of Washington School of Medicine, Harborview Medical Center (Level-1 Burn/Trauma Center) and is a Washington State Certified/Nationally Registered Senior Paramedic and currently, a Clinical Educator in Prehospital Medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Division of Emergency Medicine. Mr. Helbock holds a faculty position with the Seattle/King County Resuscitation Academy, specializing in the development and training of the HP-CPR program. Mike worked for 25 years as a Firefighter and Senior Paramedic for the City of Bellevue Fire Department (Washington) until his promotion to Division Chief of EMS Training and Education, Seattle/King County EMS, and his additional promotion to MSO-4, Senior Paramedic Supervisor for Seattle/King County Medic One. Mike completed Paramedic Training at Harborview Medical Center/University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle, graduating with “first-in-class” honors. Mike has served as the Senior Instructor for the Training and Education Division for Seattle/King County EMS for more than 25 years. By way of his highly acclaimed training style and diverse training experience, he has received speaking invitations from many of the nation's largest EMS Conferences and EMS agencies across the United States, Canada, and abroad—including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Mike is one of a handful of nationally recognized speakers and has delivered the keynote address at numerous EMS conferences around the globe. As a national/international speaker, Mike has shared his experience(s) in prehospital medicine to more than 300,000 students over the past 30 years. Mike Helbock shares many of his training concepts with other instructors across the country and Mr. Helbock authors and produces his entire curriculum. He continually evaluates his performance as an educator and develops new and innovative ways to educate students in emergency medicine and evaluates how the students apply this knowledge to field performance. Mike weaves his 30+ years of instructing skills and paramedic service into his passion for EMS training and education. Mike is a nationally/internationally published author and originator for many of the standard emergency medical practices and training procedures that are incorporated into the EMS community today, including the popular HP-CPR training program and the “SICK/NOT SICK” approach to patient care.

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