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Managing Mental Health in EMS: The Provider

Every day, EMS providers face numerous challenges that compromise their own mental health. An NAEMT study showed that many providers seek mental healthcare but deter due to the stigma of mental illness and fear of being perceived as weak. In this webinar, Julie Lahr, BA, PM, and Ashley Taylor, PLLC, discuss ways to overcome stigma around mental health and develop coping strategies to manage the acute stress of the field.

Ashley Taylor, LPC
From mental health first responder in the 911 setting to private practice, Ashley has worked in mental health since 2013 and completed her Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling and School Counseling at the University of New Mexico. Ashley opened her private practice in 2017. Their specialties include anxiety, gender and sexual identity, and relationship challenges. Ashley works frequently with first responders who have experienced trauma. They utilize a two-pronged approach that gently examines the past while grounding folks in the present by identifying their values and letting those take the lead in decision-making. Ashley believes when we're able to ground into our values, this in turn allows us to embrace the fullness of who we are without shame.

Julie Lahr, BA, PM
Julie Lahr is an EMS Clinical Support Specialist for ZOLL Medical, with a primary focus on education and training for pre-hospital agencies throughout North America. Prior to her work with ZOLL, Julie served as a dedicated first responder for 16 years. During that time, she served as a Reserve Firefighter, a Paramedic, and a Community Paramedic with the Williamson County Mobile Outreach Team (MOT). While with the MOT mental health crisis team, Julie created, designed, and implemented a new response model in the Williamson County 911 system, called M&M (Medical & Mental Health), which expanded medical protocols and created a partnership with a local psychiatric hospital to provide in-field medical clearance and mental health assessments. Julie cares deeply about the mental health crisis in America and has devoted great effort toward bringing awareness and change to mental health.

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