The International Academies of Dispatch Research conducted a study on the high success rates of the Stroke Diagnostic Tool used by emergency dispatchers.
This report outlines the measures that can be taken to fight the opioid crisis in the areas of prevention and education, treatment, overdose prevention, and the involvement of the criminal justice system.
This whitepaper sponsored by Operative IQ describes the importance of instituting a system-wide strategy for tracking the usage and disposal of controlled substances, and how modern technology is making the process more efficient and accurate.

Contaminants in the airway can impede oxygenation and ventilation, and there's no real standard way to manage them. Invented by a leading physician, Nasco Healthcare's Life/form SALAD (for suction-assisted laryngoscopy airway decontamination) simulation system can help improve caregivers' readiness and effectiveness at managing soiled airways. This white paper from Nasco Healthcare examines the benefits of SALAD simulation and tasks that can be practiced with it to assist patients in the field. 

KBEMS reviews agency accomplishments, future goals and activity summaries.
Douglas F. Kupas discusses the reasons emergency warning lights and sirens (L&S) are used by EMS, both traditionally and currently, and how these play into EMS personnel’s primary responsibility of providing healthcare for patients.
Hand protection is a key component of avoiding exposures for emergency medical services.
The biggest obstacle, according to the survey, is cost, with 75% of respondents citing funding as a barrier.
Data sharing can be used for day-to-day patient care, as well as for disaster response
The tools are out there to help you save lives; protect crews, patients and the public; and save money in the process
New strategy comprises six objectives to guide agencies in their efforts to protect and promote the mental well-being of first responders
Field supervisor vehicle offers a vision of the future
What is the future of service delivery, reimbursement, medical direction, regulation and more?