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Texas NAEMSP developed guidelines to help EMS agencies navigate protocol changes and best practices.
This sample lesson plan content for an EMS guest reader program was developed by Nicole Volpi, PhDc, NREMT-B, Westwego (La.) EMS. 
We all want to do better, but in EMS it can be difficult to figure out where to focus our finite time and resources.
Delivering healthcare services and clinician consultations through real-time communications technology isn't new—but it's only recently begun gaining traction in the emergency medical services.
After two years in the making, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released "its people-centered vision for the future of EMS."
A comprehensive report of fire company and department levels, funding, staffing, and pay.
This special supplement outlines current recommendations and other evidence-based guidelines specific to the prehospital transport of children.
NEMSMA, NAEMSE, and IAFCCP agree that paramedics should be required to earn an associate's degree in order to practice.
A new supplement from EMS World and Ambu interprets the research.
A special e-book brought to you by EMS World and Zoll outlines the challenges and opportunities in a new era of EMS reimbursement.
Produced by GD, this case workflow process is based on the e-Bridge Workflow Mobile Telemedicine app.
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