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Timely treatment for stroke relies on swift recognition of symptoms and immediately activating emergency response. Community education is critical in this effort. Research shows that Spanish-speaking…
Texas NAEMSP developed guidelines to help EMS agencies navigate protocol changes and best practices.
Forward-thinking EMS systems are leveraging the power of telehealth and community wellness programs to circumvent traditional 9-1-1 response pathways.
This eBook highlights the important work that the Red Cross is doing on the front lines of communities.
Learn from real EMS court cases how to keep yourself protected from malpractice, liability and other serious legal proceedings.
Editor's Note: Per the NREMT, the March 31 annual deadline listed in our guide has been extended to June 30, 2020 and CE hours can be fulfilled online to accommodate for the COVID-19 …
These slides accompanied the February 24 EMS Focus webinar on the COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak. Find that webinar, hosted by NHTSA Office of EMS Director Jon Krohmer, MD, with speakers Capt.…
Critical steps and strategies your service can implement today.
The guidebook provides recommendations and lessons learned from MIH-CP programs in Florida and advice from experts across the country.
Improving SCA outcomes through proven CPR fundamentals, robust analytics, and the latest in biomedical technology.
New discoveries, experienced insights, and best-practice approaches from top experts.
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