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Medical Equipment & Supplies

Emit Corporation

Address: 1120 Nasa Parkway Suite 600
Location: Houston, TX 77058
Company Website:
Phone: 281-984-7355
Fax: 281-984-7374
Email Address:

EMIT Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and sells products for prevention and reversal of hypothermia.  HypothermX®HX100 and LG are patented, FDA-cleared, CE-marked, fast, simple, portable, compact, light, fully-disposable, and long-term use IV fluid and blood warming devices.  The devices utilize a flameless and spark-free hydrocarbon combustion process that is fueled with Isobutane/Propane producing unmatched heating.  Our system is the only portable system capable of delivering large volumes of warm blood/fluids to you patient quickly! 

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